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A very popular question that is asked very often when it comes to weddings in particular and other occasions; like a debs, grads, special anniversary etc. #whattodo

As with any occasion; the prime purpose of celebrating is to create memories. When we look back on a time; we expect it to stand out from any ordinary day.


To fulfil this expectation; we choose new outfits, order cakes, buy bubbly and yes, why not travel in a vehicle you wouldn’t normally drive or be a passenger in.

We all love being spoiled and pampered. We all love being surprised. It makes us feel loved, cared for and special. When we order these out of the ordinary “treats” for ourselves we are doing it to make the occasion stand out; to remember it that bit more. #partybus #grouptravel

When others do it for us; they are trying to show us how much they care for us, how much they want us to be happy. #happinessislove #happytoshowyoucare

Either scenario creates happiness. It gives us a great feeling and we all deserve to feel wonderful and important.

So go on; treat yourself or someone you love to the experience of being pampered.

In our case; we love supplying speciality vehicles to others; either as a surprise or to make that one occasion that little bit better!

Check out availability in our limo/party bus that seats 32!!! Lights, music, partyyy!

See our beautiful vintage style minibus - seating 12 and our vintage style car. Beautiful vehicles guaranteed to make you happy!

We look after you in our vehicles; provide little extras and we enjoy being part of your festivities!

Go on, call us and let us make that occasion even more memorable!


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